Vendor Review System Highlights

  • Within your brokerage Intranet, you can add trusted vendors and search through them as needed
  • Search by name, vendor type or areas they serve
  • Brokers, agents and staff can leave ratings and reviews of vendors to help others decide whether to hire them or not.

Working in real estate means working with a lot of outside parties. Inspectors, exterminators, lenders, signage providers, tech distributors, contractors — the average real estate professional will work with these vendors and many more in their career. But who can you trust with your business? To help you and your agents with this kind of question, we added a central hub to search for a vendor to our brokerage Intranet.

With the vendors tab, brokers and agents can add new vendor profiles with photos, contact info, descriptions and more. These are searchable by name, vendor type and service area, and other users can rate vendors and leave comments about their experiences.

Vendor search

This is useful for expediting the process of finding the perfect vendor, which can sometimes be a headache. It’s helpful not just from agent to agent — it also gives agents much more confidence recommending a vendor to a client, knowing their colleagues have been pleased with them in the past. Conversely, it can give agents fair warning when a vendor hasn’t been all that easy to work with in the past.

Your brokerage Intranet is a place for communication and collaboration. It’s a place for brokers to disseminate information down to their entire staff and agent roster, and for agents to learn from each other and help each other grow in the industry. With the vendors tab, both you, your staff and your agents are able to ensure that you’re working with the best help you can find outside of your company. Think of it as a Yelp for the modern real estate agent that only your brokerage can see.

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