Closing transactions is the most vital task of any real estate brokerage.  Transaction Management and all the details that go along with them can be one of the hardest parts about running a medium to large sized brokerage.

Data On Your Transactions

To aid in that productivity, TRIBUS built a transaction management system to track your listings and buyers from start to finish.  We let companies like Docusign, Skyslope, dotLoop, and BrokerMint focus on signatures.  But while managing the paperwork and signatures of a transaction are what their teams are focused on, at TRIBUS our focus is on the data about an individual deal.  We know that surfacing sometimes hard to gather and find data about transactions on a micro or macro level can provide deeper insight to allow brokerage executives to make better decisions.

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Regardless of whether the transaction came from a listing in your brokerage RETS feed or was a pre-mls or internal listing, our system can handle it all.  In fact, Pre-MLS and off market listings automatically show up in the transaction list, avoiding duplicate data entry.  Additionally, transactions can be assigned to any contact owned by the real estate agent who the listing or buyer contract is assigned to.

Permissions for Your Transactions

On a corporate level, you can drill down and see information about transactions from a macro level, but you can also setup regional, office and individual agent access.  Our custom permissioning system provides access based upon your real estate workflow to each role – executives, regional leaders, office staff, and agents.  Based upon that workflow, you can choose to allow agents access to change information about the transaction, or require that to be completed by a staff member.  Statuses, closing dates and more can be added or edited.  Best of all, data from closed transactions flows right into Coach to help your agents achieve their yearly and quarterly goals.


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