Drip Email Highlights

  • Add leads to drip campaigns that send out automated emails over a specified period of time
  • These programs are perfect for keeping leads engaged for a long time, as well as reengaging with cold leads
  • Applying tags to leads will automatically start them on a drip program, or add leads manually

One-time blast emails, which send out one message to an audience of your choosing, are great for communicating with leads, clients, agents and staff a single message about whatever’s on your mind — a new addition to your team, an upcoming event, some exciting new listings or anything else that needs to be sent out. But they are also, obviously, limited in their scope. It can be tedious to continually sent out email blasts to people over and over again, just to keep people in your sphere of influence engaged. For a more automatic option that goes beyond the here and now — instead taking in the entire process of welcoming a new lead and converting them, all the way to keeping in touch after closing — you and your agents can make use of one of the most powerful tools in TRIBUS’ email marketing platform: drip email.

Drip Email allow you to send out custom, automatic messages based on a pre-determined time period. Each drip campaign may contain an unlimited string of email templates and how they are delivered depends on the content and how a user is interacting with your system. These campaigns allow you to group leads into subscriber lists by simply applying tags, like short-term buyers (as pictured below). Once a tag is applied to a new lead, they are automatically added to the corresponding drip email campaign, or you can add them on manually.

You can also view the stats of each email including number sent and opened, click-through rate and number of bounces.

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