First to Accept Highlights

  • Notifications for new leads are sent out to all your agents at the same time, and whoever accepts it first wins it
  • Agents who try to accept the lead after it has already been claimed receive a message saying it isn’t available anymore

For many brokerages, lead routing rules like Round Robin and Round Robin with Acceptance don’t make sense – so we created First to Accept (also called Fastest Finger or Shark Tank by other companies). Perhaps you have certain agents who aren’t known to respond efficiently to inbound leads, and prefer to drum theirs up the old-fashioned way; or maybe you have a large brokerage with so many agents that assigning leads one-by-one means some of your agents have to wait ages between leads being routed to them. For these scenarios and many more, there’s the First to Accept lead routing rule, in which all agents are essentially given the same level playing field to gain leads.

With First to Accept, an email and / or text message notification is sent out to all the agents on the route list and the first to accept wins the lead. All agents in the queue receive this alert simultaneously, so everyone has an equal opportunity to claim each lead that gets sent out. It’s simple to set up this rule: From your lead routes page within the TRIBUS platform, just edit a route, and in the first step of editing it, name the route and select “First to Accept” from the dropdown menu (pictured below).

first to accept

Agents who try to claim the lead after someone else has already accepted will receive a message stating that the lead is no longer available, and this process restarts when the next lead comes in from your real estate brokerage website. Of course, you decide the queue of agents that will receive the notification through your granular routing rules.

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