Attom Data (Formerly Onboard Informatics)

Onboard Informatics Integration Highlights:

  • Gathers extensive data about areas and properties
  • Displays stats and maps on your TRIBUS brokerage listings pages

Onboard Informatics provides a dynamic way to compile and present data about any listing or area. While TRIBUS provides many of these same sorts of services, like our community market stats, some brokerages may want to go deeper, and display all kinds of information about their listed homes’ neighborhoods and more. That’s why we are happy to partner with services like Onboard Informatics, which offers a thorough overview of any particular area on multiple geographic levels.

Some of the insights it can compile include:

  • Details on area schools, incorporating reviews and ratings (see above image)
  • Notable nearby places, like restaurants, healthcare facilities and attractions
  • Crime statistics
  • Notes on the neighborhood lifestyle
  • Public transit locations and information
  • Home valuations

This service allows your brokerage to show you are the local authority on your area, and a knowledgable, trustworthy source of information for your clients. For gathering comprehensive, meaningful information about communities and properties, Onboard Informatics can be a useful tool.



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