TRIBUS is more than just a custom real estate brokerage platform vendor. We hand select people that can provide immense value to our clients. Leaders of the company, including our entire executive team, client care director, and head of development all have former real estate experience. Because of this, we’re able to approach our products and services from a higher level of experience. That’s why instead of following the crowd, we start from the frame of reference – what could we do to best help our clients?

So why TRIBUS?

TRIBUS is trusted by major real estate franchisees like Re/Max Results, one of the most productive, large brokerages in the country (More than $5b sold and averaging over 15 transactions per agent with ~1400 agents). We’re also trusted by some of the largest Realogy franchisees and NRT companies and franchises, like Climb Real Estate.


On top of franchised based companies, TRIBUS is also trusted by large independent real estate companies like Slifer, Smith, and Frampton – a real estate brokerage based in Vail, CO. We have been vetted and approved to be part of the LeadingRE Solutions Group focusing on custom platforms for independent brokerages. These companies selected us because we put the focus on them, their business, their team, and their process. We build the entire platform, including our real estate intranet, to your company’s unique needs. Even our real estate brokerage websites are custom built starting with a white sheet of paper.

To help navigate the insdustry, TRIBUS even launched a weekly podcast where we interview the leaders in real estate and technology. Listen to our real estate podcast Brokerage Insider.
But it’s not just our brokerage technology platform that makes us different. Our company values speak to who we are and how we operate.

Engagement First

At TRIBUS, we believe that engagement leads to success. Our products and client care concierge service were built with the unique needs of real estate brokerages in mind – no matter the size. Our software was built after, and only after, we engaged with clients to find out what they were looking for and what solutions would add significant value to their businesses and lives. Quite simply, TRIBUS develops technology that our clients actually want to use.

Pave Our Own Path

Most real estate software vendors will follow what everyone else is doing. It’s an endless game of follow-the-leader. Where’s the innovation? Where’s the customization? At TRIBUS, we build innovative platforms that stay ahead of the curve and we don’t pay attention to what everyone else is doing. If that means taking the road less traveled to provide the right solutions for our clients, then that’s just fine with us. That’s what makes us unique.

Welcome The Challenge

We want to help our clients accomplish their goals. We want them to be successful. We’re not afraid of a little hard work to figure out exactly what our clients need from us. Even if this means doing some research to get

What Does TRIBUS Do

them to ask the right questions. Even if this means late nights and an increase in our coffee consumption. We aren’t afraid of big ideas or ambitious solutions. We aren’t going to do something because it’s easy; we’re going to do it because it’s right.

Think Big Picture

We believe that any decisions we make in the short-term directly impact the future of our clients and their success. That’s why at TRIBUS we have to think beyond the here-and-now and think about how our decisions and choices will affect them, not five months down the road, but five years. We envision what is going to provide value to our clients in the future by being smart about the decisions we make in the present. We focus product development for the long term, that’s why we’re one of the only platform vendors that has a dedicated user experience team.

Be Grateful

TRIBUS exists because our clients believe in what we do. We exist because they trust the technology and solutions we provide them. They have other options, but they chose us. That means something. They want to be partners with us because they believe we can help them be successful. And without them, we can’t be successful. And because of this, they deserve to be heard and understood and respected. And we remind ourselves of that every day.


TRIBUS was founded in 2009 as an alternative to the traditional real estate brokerage technology company

Instead of focusing on the size of the market, we decided to focus on the specific brokerage companies we could help best. Instead of focusing on 1.5 million-plus real estate agents, we decided to focus on the brokerage company as a whole. So back in 2009 we started to build the first truly open platform, API centric, data warehouse platform for real estate.

We need you in order for our business to succeed. We know that. But, what do you need?

You need innovative real estate brokerage technology and software that is going to help you create important, meaningful engagement. More importantly, you’ll be able to make sure that your real estate leads get routed to just the right person.

But more than that, you need solutions. You need a trusted partner who has your best interests in mind that will be with you every step of the way. That’s TRIBUS. That’s who we are. It’s in our DNA.

Not only are we always thinking about how to make TRIBUS products and services better, we also are on the constant lookout for other real estate technology companies that might help your brokerage and agents. In 2013, we began to invest in seed stage real estate technology companies. Recently we formally setup TRIBUS Capital – our venture capital fund in which we reinvest the profits of TRIBUS.

We promise that working with our company will be easy for you or your brokerage and that, for once, you’ll be paying for something that yields you a positive return on your investment.  We also promise to constantly keep you in front of the technology curve through great customer service, webinars, trainings, and enhancements (at no cost) to our product offerings.  Choose to work with TRIBUS, you won’t be disappointed.

Our Team

Besides being a group of hardworking professionals who genuinely care about what we do, TRIBUS is full of people with a background in real estate, placing us in a unique position to know exactly where our clients are coming and what their needs are. From our senior management to our Client Care, development and marketing teams, we have many years’ worth of experience in real estate backing up our technological expertise.

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