Resource Center with SSO Highlights

  • Accessed from the brokerage Intranet, contains outbound links to resources helpful for agents and staff
  • Organize resources by category for easy access across your entire brokerage
  • Now able to natively handle SAML and oAuth SSO integrations, the standards for connecting to other platforms
  • TRIBUS runs our own oAuth / OpenID Server. This allows us to connect quickly to nearly any other company that uses oAuth

Chances are, you have tons of resources pertinent to all or most of your agents, which can be crucial when it comes to agents marketing themselves while following your brokerage’s brand guidelines, or to help ensure agents are taking all the right steps to completing a sale. For many brokers, there’s no end to the amount of information like this they need to disseminate to their team or the places that their agents need to login. They need a central focal point for all these assets and links. That’s why, located in the heart of your real estate brokerage Intranet, TRIBUS has created the Resource Center with Single Sign-On (SSO).

The Resource Center provides outbound links to important company resources including newsletters, company press releases, marketing collateral, examples of documents from other listings, links to charity sites, checklists and other essential information that can help you be efficient and successful. Placing these assets within your Intranet cuts out ever having to send these kinds of links out to your agents every time they have a question. In addition, TRIBUS can work with your providers to create custom Single Sign-Ons into other platforms. Since TRIBUS is able to natively integrate with other apps via standard connections (both SAML and oAuth, which Google uses), there are countless other platforms you can connect into the Resource Center with SSO.

There are tons of possibilities for assets you can include simple links to. Here are just a few of the resources that our clients can link out to in order to put their entire roster of agents and staff in sync:

  • Listing Presentation
  • Contract to Close Checklist
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Buyer Contract Packet
  • Seller Contract Packet
  • Industry News
  • Continuing Education
  • MLS Information
  • Company Website
  • Agent Login

These links are organized by categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for, so it’s not just a seemingly endless list of links.

You can easily prioritize the links you feature within the Resource Center in whatever order you’d like.

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