If you’re a staff member at a Realogy franchise, you’ve likely heard of dash or its predecessor, CREST.  dash is Realogy’s franchise reporting system which manages their listings, roster and compensation. Through dash, users are able to manage listings and agents, pull reports and handle multiple types of transactions.

TRIBUS has a deep integration with dash, and we are one of just 3 companies who are 3PI (third party integrator) approved!  Our CRM, Listings, Transactions, and Real Estate Intranet systems completely integrate with dash.

Using 3PI, we are able to push and pull all forms of data from dash. Here’s what we’re approved by Realogy to create:

    • Personnel:
      We can create users, agents and teams. TRIBUS inputs contact information, office location, role and more. Once created, there is no need to create in dash. This makes brokers’ lives a little easier – we remove the extra step and are able to sync both systems together. From here, dash users have access to listings and transactions.
    • Brokerage listings:
      When we create listings, we are putting it all in one place. Photos, videos, media and URLs are just a few of the things TRIBUS makes available to dash. This allows brokerage’s to have full access to listings, removing the hassle of a hunt. From here, brokerages have the option to grant access to website vendors to upload listings onto websites. (For Sotheby’s International Realty franchises – it is included in the ‘cascading feed’)
    • Transactions:
      Using our transactions platform, TRIBUS has the ability to push transactional data and commissions to dash.  Reducing duplicate entry of data in various platforms.

Here’s what we are approved by Realogy pull from dash:

  • Personnel:
    This is optional. Typically, users are created through TRIBUS. But, if for some reason a user was created in dash, we have the ability to pull that user’s information to sync into TRIBUS. This is the opposite flow from pushing into dash, removing the extra step of creating two users for one person, as mentioned earlier!
  • Listings:
    Now that all of your listings are in one place, it is a lot easier to pull from! dash has created a giant data storage to work with. This also gives brokerage’s the opportunity to see all their listings at a glance. From here, brokers have the option to grant access for website distribution. (For Sotheby’s International Realty, this will include all international listings in cascading feed)
  • Transactions:
    A few things we can pull are sale price, commissions and outside agent/referral amounts – these reports are great to have to compare to others! TRIBUS uses Coach, a system used to monitor agents’ sales volumes, lead sources, pricing stats, and more. Once data is pulled from dash, TRIBUS can apply that data to Coach to create new goals for agents.


Connecting TRIBUS to the Realogy franchise platform allows you to enter and manage data from a single place instead of bouncing around and wasting time. As one of the few 3PI approved companies, TRIBUS recognizes the brokerage need for collaboration to extradite processes.

Your TRIBUS project team will work with you to create a customized integration scope that suits your needs.

To learn about more of TRIBUS’ integrations, click here.

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