CommVersion Integration Highlights

CommVersion Is Integrated with TRIBUS

CommVersion is the most effective and convenient way for real estate businesses to engage and convert website visitors into new leads and appointments.


CommVersion’s unique live-chat solution helps Real Estate Brokerages engage with their website visitors in real-time, developing their interest and qualifying leads through a 24×7 Human-led Live Chat Service.


CommVersion’s trained Live Chat agents handle all chats so you don’t have to. Our live chat agents are available on holidays, weekends, or outside of business hours to engage with your website visitors and help increase your leads by up to 50% 


Through CommVersion’s ‘Instant Connect’ feature, brokers are able to immediately engage with hot leads over the phone, before they leave your website. With CommVersion, there are no set-up charges, or long-term commitments and customers pay only for the qualified leads they receive! We also provide chat transcripts for all the leads that we generate. The lead information can be directly stored in Tribus CRM. With more insights on your leads, you can make actionable decisions and stay ahead of your competition.

CommVersion Website

With CommVersion, you can get the leads we generate added directly into Tribus CRM. 

An efficient database is a key to managing all your leads & clients in one place. That is why we directly integrate all the critical information about your leads, such as the lead’s name, email address, phone number, preferred time of call, etc., along with the chat transcript into your Tribus CRM. 

Tribus Lead Routing allows you to determine how you would like leads to be funneled to the perfect agent from the company’s website using unique routing rules and granular sorting.


You can learn more about CommVersion by visiting their website.

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