Realvolve Integration Highlights

  • Integrate TRIBUS’ CRM with Realvolve to boost your agents’ ability to keep in touch with their contacts
  • New leads coming in from your custom real estate brokerage website are automatically added as contacts in Realvolve, and vice versa

Selling real estate is often a business of cultivating relationships. Since merely showing someone an ad for your business probably won’t be enough to convince them to sell their home or buy a new one, instead it becomes about keeping your business’ name in their minds until they are ready to. So this means that your agents will need to keep in touch with their contacts, and form an ongoing connection with people if they hope to thrive in the real estate industry. This is, essentially, the function of any real estate brokerage CRM, but Realvolve makes it the central crux of their software for agents. Since TRIBUS is focused on brokerages as a whole, we want to provide our broker customers’ agents with the opportunity to use our platform and Realvolve’s at the same time. Our connection with this platform via Zapier provides your agents with just that — and puts them ahead of the race to establish and elevate their relationships with their spheres of influence.

Like TRIBUS’ brokerage CRM, Realvolve allows agents to view their leads and those leads’ activities (including properties they’re interested in) in one centralized place. From there, you can view the tasks you need to do next, any correspondence you’ve had with the lead, send out a blast email and more. Similar to TRIBUS’ Coach product, you can even view your productivity for a given amount of time right from the dashboard. Realvolve’s platform also allows you to create workflows — an easy way to visualize everything a real estate agent should remember to do to keep up an active relationship. This could include everything from sending over an email on their birthday to sending over important documents for transaction management.


While many of this may sound familiar to TRIBUS customers, Realvolve is already known and loved to many agents, and it’s important to us that those agents can have their cake and eat it, too. So our connection works both ways: when a new contact is added to the Realvolve CRM, a new lead is pushed into TRIBUS, and the opposite is true when a new lead registers on your custom real estate brokerage website. Productivity is something we deeply care about for our broker clients, and repeat entry can deal a deadly blow to that. Thankfully, our Zapier integration here makes that a thing of the past.

Learn more about this popular CRM product here.

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