Listing Portal Connectors Highlights

  • Leads inquiring about listings from third-party platforms are automatically sent to your CRM
  • You know where these leads came from within your CRM, and typically what listings they’re interested in

Lead generation is all about casting a wide net, so why would you just wait for them to come to your website? It would be great if all your prospective customers found you and your listings solely from your real estate brokerage website, but as any broker knows, so many see your listings on third-party portals before making their way onto your site. Since the TRIBUS real estate brokerage CRM is easily integrated with outside sites and databases like Zillow, Trulia, third-party sites connected through Zapier, or any other source connected directly through TRIBUS’ API, you can funnel leads from sites like these directly into your system. When a lead drops into your lap from an outside source, using our property inquiry feature, you don’t just get their contact information. You know where they first found your listings, and in many circumstances, you also automatically know exactly what properties they’re interested in. This sets you up for more targeted engagement when it comes time to reach out to those leads.

Listing Portal Connector

Whenever a lead comes from a third-party portal after registering on a listing, it immediately shows up in that lead’s activity stream in TRIBUS’ CRM. The lead’s information comes complete with data on that customer, the property they registered for, and the source from which the inquiry came. You can also enter a lead manually with associated listing information, as the situation may dictate.

These activities will look unique from others on your activity stream. And, just like that, you’ve got a head-start on turning that lead into a customer, armed with all the information you need to best engage with them before the first contact is even made.

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