Market Insight Reports Highlights

  • TRIBUS generates monthly, SEO-friendly content on market activity in your brokerage’s communities
  • Reports will explain how your markets are performing in plain English to better connect with your website visitors
  • Post your content as its own post as well as on the corresponding Communities pages

The benefits of posting consistent, hyper-local content is two-fold. First, visitors to your real estate brokerage website love it, keeping them engaged while establishing your brokerage as an authority in the places they live. Secondly, it works wonders for your site’s SEO value. To help you achieve both these goals, TRIBUS can provide your brokerage with engaging and regionally specific content with our Market Insight Reports.

One big advantage to these Market Insight Reports is that they go beyond presenting just the numbers, the way our Real Estate Listing Stats feature does. Here, instead, the state of your markets is elucidated in language website visitors can easily understand. From the number of listings in a given area to listing prices and square footage, we go into detail about the area’s particulars. This includes comparing current data to that of the past month and past year. This kind of content will not only look great for search engines; it’s also appealing for leads looking for the facts about the regions in which they they live, or want to live.

It’s up to you which communities you want to highlight for your reports. You can organize them into cities, counties, ZIP codes, et cetera, or perhaps even a mix of each. Whichever you choose, the data found within the Market Insight Reports will be current, accurate and relevant to your real estate brokerage website visitors.

Your Market Insight Reports will appear as custom post types on their own, and also will auto-populate to each corresponding Community page. This gives those pages fresh content on a regular basis, which can be invaluable for drawing traffic to them.


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